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    Wink Newbie...Is there any way to mirror our screen onto my tv thru wifi and or apple TV?

    Newbie...Is there any way to mirror our screen onto my tv thru wifi and or apple TV? I got couple free droid apps to stream my music pictures thru apple tv hella sweet by the way but I can't find anything so far that will mirror stream my screen "real time" to tv via USB, wifi, or HTMI for this phone anyways. It seems the EVO folks have ROM that can but is there any chance for this M865?

    Thx in Advance,


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    I really don't think its possible with these M865's, but then again, there ain't many phones that do. What I should say is, I haven't seen anybody doing it. The only chance I can think of it maybe being possible is through an xbox 360 with SmartGlass, but Glass isint compatible with Gingerbread, unless some devs can MAKE it compatible then maybe it'll one day happen. I bought my son an xbox 360 and the Gold membership and the Y**tube app on the xbox can be controlled with are M865's but the "Live" streaming thing ur asking about doesn't seem it'll ever be possible with these M865's.



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