The Huawei Ascend II will apparently be available online next week for US Cellular. The device is a mid-range follow-up to the original that doesn’t take many risks compared to the original. We’ve got a 3.5 inch display, a 5 megapixel camera and Android 2.3. This sequel might not be worth it to Ascend 1 users but if you’re looking to break into Android then you’ve got no reason not to consider the Ascend II. Unfortunately you may not be able to make your purchase decision after checking it out in person as this one won’t be in stores until January. No word on pricing yet but we’ll be able to figure all that out soon enough. [via

Its interesting that Huawei Ascend will be available for another company.
I like their promo for getting upgrades quicker
But to say an old cliche, this phone is "so two months ago"
Plus a Muve music upgrade is only meant for Cricket service
I do wonder what they will offer to make the phone look exceptional?
And also the total price with contract.