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    Help! Noob in over his head

    Okay so that is a slight exaggeration, as I don't NEED to get it working but it would be nice. So I got this LG Optimus S 670 here, used error 420 flash and all steps set by 154-4bdu114h post, all settings have stuck, everything looks good. But I have no signal at all, it does not even try to dial out. Even 911 call doesn't try to dial out, I feel like I missed 1 thing and I don't know what it is.

    Just to be clear on issue, it shows no bars of signal, ESN has already been set with cricket. I would have used the CN 7 rom suggested in the 154-4bdu114h walkthrough if the website was still working, I have tried going to it on different websites and browsers and always just loads top banner and language options.
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    Funny that we are doing the exact same thing at the same time on such a dead device. I beleive it is the CyanogenMod 7 ROM that isn't allowing the device to connect to the radio.

    However, I flash the stock ROM, BAM everything works and I get 3G.

    I can get the device to connect in CDMA Workshop but it WILL NOT READ with two different custom ROMs I have tried. When I reflash the stock ROM flashed to this device everything is working again.

    I am going to do some digging and see if I can find the Scott Pilgrim ROM. I hope my customer doesn't notice/care if the ROM I flash is different than advertised. I guess I need to test things first and not assume that it will work before selling! Right?!

    Go to

    It says Unknown under


    and some other fields. I was supposed to get this ready for a customer about 4 days ago, and have been fiddling with this since the weekend. I am trying to figure this out, and will keep you updated.

    Do you have Google Talk or anything like that?


    Actually, while typing this, I just found my problem!!! On Google, and wow, it is simple. I found it helps if you read the directions!
    Something I am not to good at apparently!

    What Software Version are you running on your device?

    With a stock Sprint ROM flashed
    (link and mirror below)

    Go to
    Menu/Settings/Status then scroll down to SW Version, what does it say? Mine was LS670ZVH. The ROM I am going to use requires ZVD

    [ROM] CM7.2 Port for Optimus S by thekraven 3/9 zvd only

    Seems like a pretty good ROM (


    LG Optimus S ZVD / ZVH Download

    (ZVH Link is broken, however the ZVD link works! Thank god it wasn't the other way around!
    ZVD mirror

    ) You can rename file to, not required if you are using custom recovery but will need to be renamed because this is flashing stock recovery.

    Don't forget to disable signature check if you are flashing this with a custom recovery such as Xionia CWMA.

    From LG Cell Phones Blog
    Flash LG Optimus S ZVD / ZVH From Sdcard:

    1. Download and put the in your root of sdcard.
    2. Booting into recovery
    3. After booting to recovery (pictures provided below if you are doing this blind)
    4. Press [Vol Dwn] TWICE to highlight "wipe data/factory reset"
    5. Press [Menu] to select
    6. Press [Vol Dwn] SEVEN times to highlight "Yes delete all user data"
    7. Press [Menu] to select
    8. Then [Vol Dwn] wipe cache partition" and "advanced > wipe dalvik cache"
    9. From Recovery, use "install zip from sdcard" and turn off "signature verification",
    10. Use "apply" to install the ZVD / ZVH
    So after flashing, I beleive this put me back to stock recovery. Make sure you rename the file to and flash the image again. Should say reboot to complete installation or something similar to that, and you should see "Writing Radio Image" Presto

    Now redo everything, Root, Recovery, and Install ROM.

    I recommend Gingerbreak APK (Google) for root. Install something like Astro File Manager and then install and run Gingerbreak from SD.

    Now you won't have incompatible baseband issues! Now you can flash ROMs to this device, make sure you note the ZVD, ZVH whatever the ROM says it works on. I hope I helped you out!

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