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    Full Flash for Sprint Treo 800w to Cricket Wireless (talk, text, internet)

    Originally posted at CDMA Gurus (bigglou23)

    Treo 800w Full Falsh - Thanks to tonycortes (a.k.a. supernine) for doing this amazing solution.

    First you will need to get all of the files from the link below:

    Then just follow the guide that is included with the files. Below is a copy of that guide.

    Cricket 800w solution
    Credits: Beezlewaxin for great drivers, Randomwit for great CAB ideas.

    0) Before anything, I recommend executing a hard reset to avoid any issues (##RTN#)

    1) Place phone in DIAG PASSTHRU by dialing ##3424#

    2) Connect phone via USB cable

    3) Instal Beezle's Treo DIAG drivers for the new hardware detected:

    4) Retrieve SPC from memory read at the following address:
    Address: 0x00790000-007A0000

    5) After retrieving SPC, set it to zeros using CDMA Workshop. Also load your PRL.

    6) Using NV Items Write feature under memory tab, apply the IOTA Bypass (800W_IOTA_Bypass.txt)

    7) Then using the Authentication feature under EVDO tab, edit fields to match:

    Password: cricket
    IP Behaviour: Simple IP
    Active: 0

    8) Perform a mode reset, phone will not reboot, just radio.

    9) After mode reset, make sure you disable DIAG PASSTHRU and transfer the provided CAB (CKT800W[S9]) via ActiveSync

    10) Using File Explorer, launch the CAB, accept any warning or prompts. After it successfully installs, it will ask to reboot device.

    11) Once phone is rebooted, your device is ready to use. First time use of WAP will ask for username ( and password (cricket).
    And if you wish, remove the Sprint contact in the phonebook.

    12) Enjoy the fully flashed phone with EVDO, WAP, and MMS.

    Palm Centro IOTA + Provisioning Bypass - Thanks to insanecain for doing this solution. This was a long awaited one for many. All my other carrier
    Centro solutions are based off this.

    First get the file from the link below:

    Now just use CDMA Workshop to write these nv items to your device under the Memory tab.

    Next, you will need to make sure that your NAM and EVDO tabs are programmed correctly.

    Attached Files Attached Files
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