sooo... I guess title says it all.

I turned phone off one the other day, something I haven't done in a while (generally just hibernate it) and the camera flash turns on when it is fully off.

Now, don't get "fully off" mixed with fast boot enabled. I needed to access the recovery.

Anyway, when I fully turned it off the light turned on, I pulled the battery and light turned off(duhh), left battery out for a good minute. As soon as I put back in I was blinded.

I booted phone normally, as soon as it starts booting the light turns off. The touch screen wasn't very responsive the first couple of boots I did this. Now the touch is working perfect, but the light continues on shut down.

When fast boot is enabled light stays off on shutdown, but then I cannot access recovery.

I can access recovery and dl mode just fine. Camera AND THE FLASH works 100%. NOTHING else is wrong with he phone at all except this. I took my warranty off about a month ago, so I'm thinking its a problem to stay.

Supposedly I have a 1 year limited warranty, but I guaranty when I take it in, they will say its my fault. I never dropped my phone, never decided to deep fry it, or use it as a rubber ducky in the water. I take very good care of my electronics, and the phone is no exception.

I would like to know if anyone has ideas on what I could do before I take it in.

Hopefully i can fix this issue without taking it in.

Thanks for any help,