Hello. So lately I've been trying to revert my Mercury back to factory stock, but it seem's I've hit some bumps and now I need some help.

The first thing I did was:

- Find the recovery image to the stock which I found here:


- Steps I did was, Get to the pink screen by taking out the battery, holding vol. up and power button.

- Replace the image folder with the file Oriax provided.

- Restarted my phone and when to About Phone-> Online Upgrade -> Firmwire Upgrade and hit the Install Now button.

- My phone then said it was going to restart but here's what went wrong, It took me to the CWM Recovery screen.

Now I've tried finding way's to remove the costum recovery but it was for other phone's so I didn't want to try that, but if someone who can help guide me to remove the costum recovery for the Mercury or find a way to pass it, it would be much appreciated.