Hello everyone i have stumbled upon a version of Cyanogenmod 7 form a foreign website, namely a russian website. It was extremely difficult to find at first. I have went ahead and changed the build.prop to be in U.S. standard English upon installation so we can all use it as a testing grounds to hopefully if at all possible get us a working rom for our mercs. This rom is COMPLETELY stable. The only thing that does not work is Data. I am going to explain how to get it onto the cricKet network to make it possible to make phone calls though. When inside the rom go to mobile network settings and change it from GSM to something else and then back to GSM. Now go into your dialer "phone" and dial *#*#INFO#*#* and go into Phone Information. At the bottom click on the selection for the type of data link you choose from. Choose CDMA Auto. Now hit your menu key on your touch screen and hit Select Radio Band. This will put you on the cricket network and should give you some actual signal bars. You can now make phone calls. I am leaving all the developers info as is untouched in the build.prop so everyone knows who originally built and worked on this rom. I have not created this rom so i have no right to brand it to my name. I only changed certain aspects of it to m886 for compatibility reasons on drivers and hardware aspects. I hope we can use this rom to our benefit and get some developers in on the game of fixing this to be fully functional on our network. Happy day mercers and good luck playing with a Rom that works and works well..... Except for data and network. BTW. Wifi, bluetooth, camera, hardware video accelleration. EVERYTHING..... IT works. So have fun and PLEASE try to get this to be a good standardized rom for our projects to be built/based one. Good day my fellow mercers.