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    I haven't had that issue in months I posted this thread a long time ago very long time ago. I'm laughing that people make fun of how I dealt with the problem... even though I was done and stupidity and's all good that was months ago I had purchased a brand new Mercury for me and gave my friend my old mercury he formerly owned flashed to cricket blackberry... and boy was he miserable I gave him my old mercury had him change over the ESN and he is happy

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    For those who come across this thread, like I did, and found that none of the voodoo that people were offering worked for you, like I did, here's the deal: Assuming that your cricket phone (mine's a mercury) is fully functional and does not have some issue, it is BY DESIGN, intended to automatically hop around on from 3G to 1x and back to 3G, attempting to "help" us out by giving us continuous connectivity.

    Well we all know in spite of whatever the original benign intent of the programmers was, this automatic hopping from 3G to 1x and back, is one of the most frustrating and irritating "features" to bedevil cricket customers on a daily, hourly, minute basis.

    Personally I think most people just live with it, and just assume that since they're on a third tier carrier, that's the way it is.

    Well, if you're willing to try something else, try this:

    The app called "Network" by Philip Mangelow. It lets you force EVDO mode only (3g) or CDMA mode only (1x).

    I've been suffering from this auto switching by Cricket for 2 years, on 3 different phones. The "Network" app does exactly what I thought would fix the problem. DEFEAT the auto switching logic that's in the phone. All the other suggestions in this thread, are frankly useless ....unless there's something wrong with your phone. Perfectly normal and functioning phones from cricket auto switch. It's by design. Any time I go into a building taller than 6 stories near the cross roads area, I auto switch from hell, on my perfectly stock, non-modified Cricket Mercury phone. I installed "Network", and poof, 2 years of suffering from this stupidity by cricket is no more.

    I only wish I found it sooner. It's like being on a brand new carrier. I might even get close to my data limit now.

    Hope this helps.

    Also, here's the thread I found that mentioned "Network" by Philip Mangelow.

    switching between 3g data and 1x data

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    Ok, i am sorry it took me some time to reply to this. Here is an issue ALOT of people have, believe it or not, it is due to someone else having the same exact phone number as you previously on their phone. When cricket activates your phone lets say you have the number 555-5555... <,<. Well, the guy before you had the same number. The previous guy now actually has an active 3G internet conection due to this. Well in the outcome, the cricket servers/towers will have you both fight over who stays connected and who does not. If the opposing guy has a better connection to the tower than you it usually results in your phone popping up and error message right after your 3G gives out saying that you have a data connectivity issue with your 3G and that you need to try again later. This is a severe pain in the fuckin ass. The easiest way to avoid this is to slap in place a hybrid PRL so you can just hop right onto a Sprint roaming tower and then right back to Cricket towers which will result in the opposing phone to be disconnected instead of you. I hope this helps you out a bit.


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