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    just having the cifs module is not not enough it must be turned on in kernel . the same with CLOCK AND voltage changes...

    I Know in the honeycomb boot.img we could pull that and compile it into the ics kernel.. as well as remove the flash of boot-loader.blob files and put the unlocked boot-loader back in. My issue is i can not for the life of me get the to extract.. If you find a way let me know.. I think with the new boot-loader on my merc now since ics flashed it im Stuck without a unlocked newer version... I have tried going back to gb . i can but it does not flash over the locked new boot loader.. so DO NOT FLASH FORWORD Maybe flash the honor unlocked ics then to gb . and retain that boot-loader..
    GRRR WHY DO THEY HAVE TO LOCK THESE STUPID PHONES... WELL i know the answer just disagree with it...

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    Food for thought: Googling "U8860 TMA300" comes up with a lot of results (in another launguge) and it seems they use that screen in the U8880. I would expect them to just get a boat load of them and stick them in all the phones.

    EDIT: I downloaded the Zip from the Cypress website. I noticed this in the 'cyttsp.h' file:
    /* rely on kernel input.h to define Multi-Touch capability */
    /* if input.h defines the Multi-Touch signals, then use MT */
    #define CY_NUM_RETRY            4    /* max num touch data read */
    However there are a few references to having two touches and releasing the 2nd's data to track the 1st.
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    As far as USBOTG goes, it appears that USB HOST is being compiled into the kernel. It must be not enabled elsewhere.
    I need 2.3.6 source...


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