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    Info on constant reboot death loop

    Thanks to posts scattered all over the place, this might help ease some frustration......
    After some research and lots of reading I understand the problem at least, and have a work around.

    Ok, so just to clarify that we have two separate bugs causing the same

    symptoms - a watchdog reset of sorts and a divide-by-zero flaw. Both
    caused by some sort of system starvation due to heavy SD IO access.

    Issue 25563 - android - OS keeps rebooting when lots of apps are moved to SDcard! HUGE BUG IN ANDROID OS 2.3.5 (and higher)! - Android - An Open Handset Alliance Project - Google Project Hosting

    1. watchdog reset of sorts -
    If anyone from the the Android development team are reading this, the
    problem seems to be a watchdog thread thinks the Android System has
    locked up and soft restarts the Android System - the Kernel isn't
    rebooted, only the Android System.

    My guess is that the vold - the VOLume Daemon is taking so long to
    mount all the encrypted mount points - one for each application moved
    to the SD card - and keeping a system lock of some sort while it is
    doing this, that the watchdog thread thinks something has hung and
    restarts the Android system. The restart then causes the vold to try
    and mount all the encrypted mount points again...

    Approx 70 to 80 apps installed on the SD card triggered the problem
    for me on my Samsung Galaxy S2 running gingerbread and ICS and I hit
    the same problem on my Galaxy Note. Only solution was to have fewer
    apps installed on the SD card or use some sort of app2sd/link2sd.

    I have to keep an eye out when applications are updated because they
    can automatically get moved to the SD card if that's the applications
    preferred install location and if too many updated apps are moved in
    this way it sets up a time bomb for a reboot loop the next time I
    restart the phone.

    2. divide by zero error -
    See Comment 152 for my explanation of the problem, based upon logs and
    analysis of the code. Other comments of mine point to the exact fix
    which is already done in Cyanogenmod, but not Android Mainline. And no
    Google don't seem to be watching this bug unfortunately.

    The issue where a divide-by-zero crash causes the reboot already has a
    known fix (see CM submissions for, and if anybody
    is keen enough then they could submit patches to AOSP directly for the
    Gingerbread and ICS branches:

    Submitting Patches | Android Open Source

    the workaround for the time being is LINK2SD found for free on market!
    Just create a ext4 partition on it (like 3Gb or 4Gb), and link most of
    you apps to it! That's the only thing u can do ATM. sadly, it doesn't
    seem google is reading any of the posts regarding issues with android
    this bug is older than ICS
    But this solution only works with rooted devices

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    This kept happening to me for the past month over and over on my merc after every factory reset and then rooting, soo mmuch frustration wanted to buy another phone. Till I came across this andriod forum from page 7 on google, their solution was to remove battery then reboot Into recovery mode and delete cache and dalvik- cache and battery stats. Tried it, and worked flawlessly. Hope it helps

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    Didn't work for me, had ot factory reset again.

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    Great post, but how ADD must one be to have over 70 apps on one's sdcard, I am super ADD and never get past like 25 or 30 apps installed to sdcard.



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