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    im having the same problem only screen i can get to is the pink screen and how do i fix my phone through the pink screen ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jawaan View Post
    im having the same problem only screen i can get to is the pink screen and how do i fix my phone through the pink screen ?
    i did get the problem fixed. i jus had to go to a corp. store and they replaced it because of the manufacture warrenty

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    I don't know if this will help anybody, but I recently noticed some anomalies with my phone, that prevented me from getting into recovery correctly, as well as the pink screen. I have workarounds for each, if anybody else ran into this.

    For the pink screen: Take the battery out, and replace the rear plate (so you have the easier to press buttons). Hold down the volume up+down, and plug the USB cable in. After a few seconds the pink screen comes up, and you have access to the files (in windows, not sure about linux). In my case, it was fully capable of powering the phone through just the USB cable, but it gave errors and force-closes when I booted up the main OS unless I plugged the battery back in.

    For recovery, the key combination was not working, so I just plugged the USB cable in, and used "adb reboot recovery". If you haven't done this already, it saves some serious time in the long run to add the folder where the adb.exe file is located to your %path% environment variable. You can do so permanently using this:

    Click the windows orb button (windows 7) and right-click on Computer. Choose 'Properties', and on the screen that comes up, in the left-hand side click 'Advanced System Settings'. On the bottom of that page, click the button that says 'Environment Variables'. Find the line that says 'Path', and double click it. Add a semicolon to the end of the line, and type or paste the path to the adb.exe file. Now in any new command prompt you open up, all you have to do is type 'adb' and it will automatically understand, no matter what folder you are currently in.

    Using this, you can also just 'cd' into any folder you want to put things, and use 'adb pull %filename%' to bring files off your phone to the current directory.

    Anyway, Not sure if anybody will find any use in these, but thought I might share what I had to do to make my phone cooperate when it wasn't acting normally. Good luck everyone!


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