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    Quote Originally Posted by Chronicbs View Post
    I was rooted with 2.3.5 but I didn't delete the bloatware and it let me upgraded the firmware successfully, taking me to 2.3.6. This fixed an annoying audio hiss I was getting with headphones. (I wasn't the only one either some others made a post about it) You can still hear a crack 2.5s after you pause sound (*really more of a puff now) but the hiss is just about completely gone with this update, O joy. That hiss was my only real disappointment with this phone, now it's perfect.
    Same here, Rooted 2.3.5 and the update still applied no problem (2.3.6) ,I had a bunch of stock apps frozen with Titanium backup so before running the update I defrosted them all and reboot the phone, then ran update (Not even sure If I needed to defrost them first).

    EDIT: Turns out I was unable to send MMS after the applying the update, Tried stock message app & Handcent (I could receive MMS but not send) Long story short I went into Settings / Wireless & Networks / Mobile Networks / Access Point Names, click on Cricket and scroll down to APN Protocol and change it to IPv4 (nothing was selected at first), Working fine now.

    2.3.6 does address the microphone quality somewhat, it is no longer overly sensitive which helps audio quality with video recordings and fixes the voice to text issue, but it's to bad video recording still uses the low quality AMR audio codec., The Mercury is capable of very good quality audio recording judging from using Hi-Q MP3 Recorder from the market.
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