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    Mar 2012

    My Mercury Setup + screens

    I figured I'd run through what I'm using on my device and maybe tip people to some great customization as well as receive some.


    Launcher: Go Launcher with MIUI theme. Themes looks great gives my device a new feel.

    Lockscreen: I'm using go locker with the theme it comes with. What I really like about go locker is its built in security locks. Pattern lock looks way better than the built in one which looks horrendous IMO. Purple though? I'm using PIN and I love that you don't have to hit OK after you type your PIN the last number unlocks. IDK personal thing.

    Keyboard: I'm using smart keyboard pro with the gingerbread theme. I wasn't fond of the stock keyboard it's a bit small. Also cannot stand the Smiley key that is always on the stock one.

    Music: Player Pro is my player choice. Love the themes and customization. Awesome DSP expansion pack and since 2.3 has no native lock screen music controls this app has its own music lockscreen during playback that can be customized.
    EDIT: Ok it seems go locker overrides player pro lockscreen player so it wont work unless your using stock as far as I know.

    Thats all so far I'm just digging in with this phone and I will add more to this OP as I go along. Overall I'm fond of the stock gingerbread look just some minor tweaks and visual candy. Screenshots to come...

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    Last edited by scottpole; 04-02-2012 at 12:05 AM.

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    Go Launcher here as well.. For some reason when leaving a power hungry app on the Huawei launcher i would get a pop up box with the launcher reloading.. Since i ripped the useless huawei ahome launcher out Does not happen.I am using the stock go launcher theme with my wall paper and only widget is BW SUPER CLOCK..
    I also changes screen depth to 5x5 it just works better for me WITH A App i sue called Application Folders . Hate icon filled screens.



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