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    Please....i need help

    I upgraded my m-886 to ics wit the info found here.... I love the o.s but it seems that my m-886 just cant handle it and i wanna restore it back to stock ive been trying different methods found here and various other sites and none of them work or the links are expired... Right now i have apps crashin freezin laggin a boat load of ram being used and and basic opperations of the phone completely not responding at times... My phone is my central hub for everything i do from talkin and textin to fillin out job apps online im in a bad situation currently and need my phone to operate at its optimum proficiency any help would greatly appreciated

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    If the links in the directions to revert back to GB are down then you're probably screwed.

    If your phone is as important as you say it is, and you need it to run its best, then why in the hell would you install buggy/non official software to it?

    The ICS ROM ran good after first installing it, but it would get lagged out the more you used it. I never kept it on my device for more than a few days.

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    Do a factory reset and get Holo HD and no-frill it helped me alot

    Sent from my M886 using Tapatalk 2

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    Samsung Galaxy S4

    Is Busy Box installed and ran? Uninstall that factory Facebook (use the browser) and send every report til We get a update



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