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    PLEASE READ FIRST! Forum Rules and Regulations

    Folks, these forums are a great way to communicate about this specific model. We want to make this forum THE stop for your answers. However, this can only be done if everyone follows some basic rules and regulations!

    Please adhere to the following set of rules and regulations when posting in this or any other forum:
    1. Stay on topic! There are forums for specific information and then there are forums for rants and raves. Please contribute where you have knowledge and questions. Leave the rants and raves in the appropriate forums!
    2. Use Search before creating a new thread. If you cannot find the answer using the search feature, then create a new thread asking the question. DO NOT hijack another thread with your question if it is not on the topic of the original thread.
    3. Saying "Thanks' the right way. Do not post "Thanks" in the thread.
      • If you found a post helpful, click the thumbs up icon in the top right corner of the post. This shows you found this post helpful. If you did not find the post helpful, click the thumbs down icon. This helps the whole community know if this post is worth the read and action.
      • You can also give the poster reputation by clinking the little star on the bottom left of the post. This helps the whole community know how strong of a contributor the particular poster is. The higher the reputation, the more trustworthy their work is....

    4. Keep it civil! We are all adults (if not, time to grow up) who have varying degrees of knowledge and information. We all depend on the ability of each other to make changes and updates to our phones. There is no reason to go off on someone who simply doesn't know or understand. We are not face to face, so be careful what you type since we can't see your face to know if you are joking or kidding.

    It is difficult to sort through a thread of 10 pages when 85% of those are "Thanks", "I hope so too", or similar type responses. If we all follow these basic rules and regs, then this forum will grow better and better. We have all seen unmoderated forums become ghost towns because of lack of guidance and moderation. We won't let that happen here at

    There will be consequences for not following these rules and regulations! It could include being banned permanently if these rules and regulations are ignored consistently.

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    *Only PM me when asked. Please post to the forum first as you and the many members here will benefit from the conversation!"

    Been fixing, flashing, and activating Cricket phones since 2004.

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