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    Quote Originally Posted by Nestoh View Post
    What does fastboot have to do with anything? A lot of people have it on now and can boot into the pink scren.

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    fastboot is the mode you want to get into so that you can program your phone, there is an even more technical definition for it somewhere, but i'm not going to look for it.

    on the ICS for the Merc, fastboot is checked, which essentially tells the OS to skip fastboot when it is rebooting (and apparently removing the battery does the same)

    so in laymens terms: fastboot NOT checked = write into OS/reprogram phone/ screw things up
    fastboot WITH check = OS is safe from noobie flashers

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    i think there is some confusion..

    the fast boot that you can turn off in the phones settings Is a boot mode where im guessing the phone just force closes and reboots without normal drive checking. Or maybe its booting for a cashed file huawei has on the phone..

    FASTBOOT MODE.. This is a core function of all SNAPDRAGON PROCESSORS.. This is a actually hardware/rom configuration. To allow pre boot-loader function. it also works With adb to carry out and add to its operations.
    The pink screen mode is a Download mode. that allows you to see and replace hidden system/ preboot files...

    If this were a TEGRA DEVICE.. ITS FAST BOOT WOULD BE NV FLASH MODE... That also used fast boot commands as well as other controls over Tegra cpu and graphics
    both are minimum boot to allow the unbricking of a UNLOCKED Device..
    There is much more complexities involved so some might find the above not totally correct..BUT It touches bases of the phone modes.. and why they are there...


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