Cricket Wireless is going to be offering 4G through Lightsquared. It is supposed to supplement Cricket's own 4G where they have their own towers.

There have been some problems with Lightsquared interfering with GPS, as you will see below. Also, there is the first piece of information we've seen on pricing, which is said to be $7 per GB. Of course Cricket will probably need to charge more to make a profit, but that gives you an idea of the cost.


LightSquared's Network Wrecks GPS, Says Gov. Study

A recent test conducted by the U.S. government concludes that LightSquared's proposed Long Term Evolution 4G network "caused harmful interference to majority of GPS receivers tested," according to a portion of the study, which was provided to Bloomberg. "No additional testing is required to confirm harmful interference exists." In January, the Federal Communications Commission gave LightSquared provisional permission to operate its LTE network in the L-Band satellite spectrum -- if it could prove that it wouldn't interfere with nearby GPS signals. LightSquared, several arms of the U.S. government, and private companies have all tested the network extensively throughout the course of 2011. While tests have shown repeatedly that LightSquared's network interferes with GPS -- including those receivers in airplanes and other military equipment -- LightSquared has proposed several alterations that it says should fix the problem. It has proposed to use a lower channel in its spectrum holdings, as well as ramp down the power of its amplifiers. Martin Harriman, LightSquared's executive vice president of ecosystem development and satellite business, said in a statement issued Friday, "The statement that testing shows that most GPS devices would be disrupted by LightSquared’s operation is patently false. There is no way that such a conclusion could be drawn without deliberately ignoring a critical element in LightSquared’s mitigation proposal to manage the power from its network that GPS devices will be able to receive." LightSquared has consistently accused the GPS industry of encroaching on LightSquared's spectrum with shoddy GPS designs. LightSquared says its LTE service will start at $7 per gigabyte of mobile broadband, less than half what the competition charges. LightSquared has also signed up 30 wholesale partners to resell its network services under their own brands. U.S. officials are meeting this week to make a decision on the matter.

LightSquared's Network Wrecks GPS, Says Gov. Study (Phone Scoop)