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    HTC Evo 4G LTE

    try updating my turn off on its on,and now the screen wont come on

    i tried updating my radio....
    Applied The Update Through the bootloader
    phone Turned off after update and now the phone doesn't seem to turn on
    When i hit the power button it vibrates,but nothing will show on the screen.
    My Computer Will Detect the phone.But the damn screen for some reason wont come on.
    any ideas?

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    GS3, GNex, RAZR

    Need more info.
    • Which device are you using? What ROM?
    • Which radio version did you try and flash and where was it obtained?
    • Did you verify md5sum to be 100% sure it is the correct file before flashing?

    Flashing radio is serious business, if you flashed a wrong/borked radio, you pretty much have a brick on your hands.

    If == HTC - try RUU to stock
    if == Moto - try SBF to stock
    if == Samsung - try Odin to stock



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