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    Can I pay my bill early?

    So, I've only had my service with cricket for two months now, and I love it. However, I'm a student and don't really have much money. I know that I can make a bridge payment for June, but will need to pay the remainder of the bill within 7 days. Just to make sure that I have my bill paid in full on time, I was wanting to maybe pay it early. It's not due until the 9th, and it's nearing the end of May now. Does anybody know if I can pay my bill early with Cricket? Nobody that I've asked really seems to know. They just keep telling me the bridge payment stuff, which doesn't answer my question. If somebody could tell me this ASAP, that would be great. I'm just not sure if I'll have the money to pay even a portion of it by the time my bill is due because of other expenses.

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    Yea. As far as online it is possible to pay early. If im not mistaken since cricket is prepay you could probably pay a bunch of months off. But to answer your question yes it is possible.

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    All bills can be paid early.
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    Wrecked Johnson

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    Can you pay my bill early too?

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    Dear this is the simple answer of your question
    Read out your pay bill due date if you are able to pa your

    early according to your due date then you can...

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