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Were you one of these people waiting in line for the iPhone at your local Cricket dealer? If so, tell us about your experience!

Cult Of Mac

We’ve already talked about how your next iPhone should be a prepaid one, right? Heck, we’ve even discussed why Cricket might be your next iPhone carrier. It sounds like some folks must have been listening.

When Cricket started selling pre-paid iPhones as planned today, people lined up at the door before stores opened to get one of the newly available Apple handsets.

According to CNET, a Cricket representative said the prepaid iPhone models were made available this morning and received “brisk” customer activity. The buyers must have figured out that the prepaid iPhone will cost much, much less when purchased from a company like Cricket as a prepaid phone than it does when bought as part of a contract with a provider like AT&T.

At Cricket, the 16GB iPhone 4S will run you $499.99, while the 8GB iPhone 4 is only $399.99. The plan includes a $55 no-contract plan with unlimited calling and text messaging. There’s also 2.3GB of data, as well, which, while advertised as unlimited data, will apparently slow down after it reaches that amount.

While seeing the iPhone sold as a commodity pre-paid handset may bother some folks who see it as a loss of the cool factor of the iPHone, this is still a fantastic deal over the lifetime of such a device. If you’re in the market for a phone and are out of contract, you just might want to check out a Cricket reseller near you.