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    CricKet changes Roaming Usage terms and Terminates loyal customers

    In March 2010, CricKet announced "Nationwide Roaming Partner Agreements which will increase our customer coverage area to exceed 95% of the US market". In late 2010, CricKet announced they would be altering the TOS for Roaming Usage. Quote per updated TOS: "We may limit or terminate your Service without prior notice if you no longer reside and have a mailing address in a Cricket-owned network coverage area or if a majority of your voice and/or data usage is on a Partner network during the previous month. "

    Bottom line: If you don't have a mailing address on file within a CricKet home area, OR if your usage during a one-month period (actually they use a 90-day average to determine Home / Roaming ratio), CricKet will terminate your service without notice.

    We have been loyal CricKet customers, with 4-lines (two Android and two MsgM8 phones) as well as a 3G Air-card (which we only use when traveling, and can ONLY be used within a CricKet Home area due to data restrictions). Our combined pay to CricKet each month was just over $240. We live within the Partner Service area, but are only 8-miles from the Home coverage area.

    Today, my wife's Android was terminated from ALL service and I received notification via Text Message that my Android rate plan would be reduced to $45 (and Android features would be dropped, even within the Home area).

    I called CricKet Customer Service (big joke) and after three transfers and two supervisors all spouting the same "talking points", I finally found the details for termination without warning (and rate plan change turning my Android into a basic candy-bar phone)... because my wife's usage exceeded 90% "Roaming outside the Home coverage area", and my usage exceeded 60% "Roaming outside the Home coverage area". When the rates are calculated for my kid's lines next month, I'm sure they will be terminated as well, since their calls / texts are well above 90% outside the Home coverage area as well....

    Is this any way to do business?? Our combined 4-lines do not exceed 1200 minutes per month in total... MAXIMUM, and I'm sure the $240/month in fees they are collecting are more than enough to cover the per-minute "partner" fees they are paying to Sprint or Appalachian Wireless for our usage AND provide CricKet with a profit margin.

    Today, I went to Sprint and signed a contract for 4-lines. I won't have the 3G-Air-card, but I will have service for 4-lines. The best part is the cost will be LOWER than what I was paying to CricKet. So, this is a win for me and a loss for CricKet. I'll be happy to go into the office and terminate my remaining services on the 30th of the month!

    How much longer will CricKet be able to support their profit margins once they terminate thousands of their loyal customers just because they live, or make the majority of their calls, outside a metropolitan CricKet home area? Which costs more to profit margins... half your customer base, or paying a few "partner" fees so your loyal customers can be happy with their contract-free service?

    Be aware... if you live outside a CricKet home coverage area, or you make a majority of your calls from a Partner / Roaming area... you will be terminated, or at least have your Android / Blackberry service plans reduced to the $45 rate plan, rendering your fancy Android / Blackberry useless except for phone calls and text messages (still subject to 50% Home/Roam ratio for the rest of your service life).

    CricKet has been well on their way to being the #3 wireless carrier in the US. After making this serious mistake in customer service and satisfaction, they are well on their way to becoming another bankruptcy statistic.
    Last edited by earthling789; 03-28-2011 at 10:12 PM.

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