If you own a cell phone, there's a good chance that you've gotten too much water on it before. Most warranties will not cover this type of damage. Cricket published an article on their blog to help users save their phones. Although this doesn't work all the time, it's better to try it anyways.

"Many people have dropped their electronics into water, due to the small, convenient size of them. Sometimes, a cellular device that has been submerged in water can be fixed or salvaged, as long as it is taken care of immediately.

You should remove the battery as quickly as possible. Don’t waste valuable seconds trying to turn your phone off first, because those could be the few moments that give your phone time to short circuit. If your phone does short circuit, as you know, it will be useless.

Dry off the battery with a soft towel, trying not to touch the copper tips of your battery. Set it aside when you are confident that it is as dry as it can be (and NEVER consider putting it under a hand drier, which could exacerbate the problem).

Determine what kind of water you have dropped your cellular device into. If it was clean water, then proceed to the next step. However, if it was salt water, or dirty water, then you should rinse your device with clean water after your battery has been removed and dried. The clean water will do minimal additional damage, whereas salt left in your phone could corrode it and lead to permanent disrepair. You could also consider rubbing your device down with alcohol, if the water was especially dirty.

Then, disassemble your phone into the smallest segments you are able to break it down to, without damaging the phone (only do this if you know how to re-assemble your device). Leave sliders and flip devices open, so that there is more exposed area for evaporation and drying.

Unless your phone is covered for water damage, sending it to the manufacturer would be useless. Wait a minimum of three days before attempting to put the battery back into your phone. When you are ready, assemble your phone, insert the battery, and turn it on. With any luck, your phone will still be functioning!"

Source: Cricket