I have to say that I enjoy Cricket wireless and the strides the have made on producing a wireless lifestyle that I can afford. I like the freedom Cricket provides without messy contracts and early termination fines. I must say that the data service reports on my accounts page is a little dated, just a bit confusing and stretched at times. With reports at every angle for all types of data, Cricket could provide real time data logging on my accounts page. I can track data usage via my phone but I also like to reconcile that data via crickets my accounts page. I have noticed a discrepancy in the amount of 255 mbs. at the start of my data cycle for two months in a row now. I called technical support regarding the 255 mbs of data logged to my account but have received nonsense answers to this discrepancy. I have requested to have the data reversed due to the fact that it is a large sum of data and that it is paid for in advance. Technical support claims they do not have the ability to reset data or inquire about data usage and its whereabouts. Is anyone having this issue? Is there a correct reasoning behind this data usage at the start of my data cycle? Please post any possible solutions or information that may be helpful.