For those who don't know what DLNA is,
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for info

But for those who are familiar with it, how much luck have you had with DLNA over 3G ?? My best results so far have been with

(Which I've been able to connect to outside of my home network without a whole lot of difficulty outside of signal issues) however I've also got

(Which has a pay app),


but it seems like the second you move out of range of my home network, NEITHER of these seem to work (And the Tversity app can't even find my server on the PC side EVEN THOUGH the router & modem are properly configured)

Plex can find my files BUT only if I browse for them (The server seems to have an issue communicating with the website which I & several other users have taken up with them on their board) but I've only tried it via WiFi at home (Haven't tried it from the local Starbucks just yet)

Also streaming seems to be an issue (Esspecially with video). Currently I'm encoding all my videos into 480x320 screen resolutions with 160Kbps MP3 for audio (The default generic setting for Android profiles in most transcoders). The file extgension I'm using for the final version is MP4. The result of this is usually a video of around 800 Kbps. (Depending on the quality of the video & many other factors of course) which my DSL connection can handle with little difficulty but I sometimes wonder about 3G though

I can run the speed test app till I'm blue in the face as that can be somewhat deceiving in the sense that while it tells you what your upload & download speeds are, that is only ACCORDING TO THEIR SERVERS (Which can take a vastly different path than a DLNA app might in reaching your home PC)

The end result (At least with Orb anyways) is I can get clear, unbuffered video one minute & then get one that's TOTALLY UNWATCHABLE the next

What's been your experience?

And for those of you with Cricket 4G - Is 4G any better in handling DLNA than 3G is? Every time I ask a dealer who sells phones from many carriers (Including Cricket) how much better 4G is compared to 3G, all I get is techie talk (I don't understand TECHESE)

BTW.....The reason why I'm into DLNA is so I can watch videos (And listen to audio) WITHOUT having to put it on the SD Card


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