All of a sudden my 3g isn't working right, I try to use it, and i get a webpage saying I'm using usb tethering. Then they say you can pay for it. There's no tethering enabled, I use comcast, and have no need to do that. With 2 routers running(one converted to a access point). I'm mostly home, and have never put any tethering apps on it. I also went into my build.prop settings, and changed the tethering setting to false, to make sure, after they supposedly said they resolved the issue. Lo, and Behold, still doing it! I went to this website, logged in on the phone, to write a post, in the forum that I use, and it wouldn't let me. I checked other websites, and all of a sudden, they loaded, and I could post to them(still waiting to see if my 3g will mess up again, writing this, no more than 1/2 hr after it's supposedly fixed again). I went back to this site, and the problems reappeared, even with wifi enabled. I never posted, emailed, anything threatening, porn, or bad statement to anyone, and not into any of that, especially on my phone. The build.prop in the rom that's on the phone, comes with the setting enabled to true, even though it's not checked in the settings(shouldn't the os handle that?), it's the stock setting that comes with the phone. Somehow they read the build.prop file, and determine, in that setting, if it's using tethering, even if you have it disabled. It just seems funny I have no problems, with other websites, when I want to post, except ones that use your location. Has anyone recently, had the tethering problem(within the last month?) . I've been on cricket for almost 4 years, and never had these problems, until a month ago.