I don't work for Cricket, but how do you deal with this?

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This is what probably would keep you from returning the device at all:

The entire proof-of-purchase label from the phone
box. You must cut the entire label from the actual phone
box and tape to this form in the space indicated above, right.

If you are unable to cut the label from the box, you may
write the code in the spaces provided to the right.
Please print clearly.

Wait, wow they might have kind of screwed themselves here.
You can actually just write the code?

At least they can get two Auto Bill Pays.

"Must be a customer for at least 45 days
from the date of purchase and not have had
your wireless service in suspense at any
time during such 45 day period.
Must sign up for, or be enrolled in, Auto Bill
Pay and make two Auto Bill Pay payments."