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Global and MEXICO local number

Local Number (LN) is an exciting new feature from Cricket launching October 30th, 2011, which allows Cricket customers to purchase a local number from another country and route these calls to their Cricket phone. This feature helps eliminate outgoing international long distance charges from callers outside of the United States, meaning our customers can stay in touch with their friends and family back home without spending a lot of money.
  • US/Mexico Local Number -$5/month
  • Global Local Number -$10/month
Restrictions and details:
  • All Cricket Wireless plans may add the LN feature
  • LN is not available for Cricket PAYGo customers
  • One Local Number can be activated per Cricket MDN
  • LN can be added in all Wireless distribution channels
Before adding the feature to a customer’s account, visit www.mycricket.com/localnumber to verify the city and country the customer would like to add a LN to determine availability.
Thank you for posting!

I'm glad it's able to be added on all rate plans (except PAYGo).

Cricket plans are now up to $75 per month (with Muve Music Android and Global Local Number). I never would have thought the plans would get that high. That's good though! It's making Cricket money.