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Mr.E, you are wrong sir! It is reasonable to expect decent customer care from a discount carrier IMO. The problem is this: It is a prepaid service and the issue is not changing your plan, it's making the payment. Their call center, in a foreign country, does not have the capability to accept payments and Cricket decided (correctly) over a year ago not to bill customers for changes because it leads to too many problems. It's pay as you go... not pay as you went?

Cricket isn't perfect and they should fix this issue by allowing this type of service to be done through their website. But for those of us who are cricket dealers, we know that's asking just a little too much from their IT dept.

Other thoughts:
The Score is a cheap POS that should have been pulled from the shelves a year ago.
& Cricket's people are nice for the most part.. but frustration can set in at time
& Mr. E is wrong.
Ok, I admit defeat on this subject. I will confirm the accusations of the OP, when you go to a Company Owned Retail aka Corporate store, those guys and girls could care less unless you are buying something. Their empathy and customer care is non-existent the moment they find out you have an issue. I always had better luck out of privately owned dealer locations and better service.