Hi this is my first time going on this site. I have talked to other members on ebay about my flashing
they know who they are. I would like to say that im am very very sorry sorry for being disrespectful to you guys and girls. I did not mean to steal chris's android photo. All i did was a google image search and that was the one i liked. I am very sorry for taking something that was not mine in the first place to take. And i would like to say sorry to dina on ebay i was not trying to steal your lay out on ebay. I tried hard to change it around the best i can. I am not denying that i did not take some things off of your listing but i did try to change it around alot. I should of asked u if i can copy some of the things off of your listing way before i did it. And i would like to say sorry to knewsom18 i am very sorry for being disrespectful and rude to u i totally understand what you are saying i was just pissed off at the time me and u where talking.

And i am very sorry to anyone else that i have may pissed off

please note that i am not yelling my kids broke my cap lock key on my desktop pc

thank you very much for your time. I hope u accept my apologies