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    Most All CPC Are Now Blocking Tethering - Why?

    Why the industry coordination to ban tethering all together within a few months time near the end of 2011? It seems a bit anti-competitive for most cell phone companies to join together in this way?

    Is this due to the Android explosion of devices and/or the re-branding of the router to "hot spots" using cell phones/devices sharing a connection? Are there that many netbooks, tablets, and notebooks coming with 3g & 4g type modems preinstalled?

    I don't understand after so much Internet infrastructure that should be in place 'now' that there is that much bandwidth "data capacity" shortage?

    Is it just the 3g, 4g, LTE, etc. poorly planned design capacity roll outs that are too slow installing -or- is this another way to get income from an infant market of new devices that is soon to explode with new users?

    Most cell phones can now come with enough hard memory to download & save multi-gigabyte files that charging for tethering seems to just penalize one device in favor of another? Just surfing & checking email is not much data use for any device used vs another. Charging for downloading large amounts of data should get the surcharge, since tethering is not a certainty of high data volume. Texting (teens), music, and video seem to be the real issues & not tethering to a computer for surfing & email???

    What are your theories or insider experience you can share?

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    Bandwidth is cheap, but only when over the physical wire. Over the air bandwidth is VERY expensive since FCC licensing is expensive, cell site hardware is expensive(FCC licenses cover a larger area, but the cell site also has hardware and software vendor licensing and it only covers a short area, and these licenses are on a tower by tower basis)

    The smart phone expansion is also a part, because now since phones are more than just a phone with a limited web browser, users have more control over them and tethering is easier than ever. A tethered phone to a pc does way more transfer than the phone itself, because of automated pc updates, lack of compression/re-encoding normally done for a handset of fixed screen size etc, software for a pc is always HUGE compared to an app for a phone. It all eats at the shortage of the lowest common denominator, the over the air link between the tower and the phone.

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    I don't see a ban of tethering happening. I see instead a consistent move to charge a premium fee for the privilege of tethering. The reasons monty stated are of course the reason for this push. If customer insist on being able to tether, they will pay for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Woof View Post
    I don't see a ban of tethering happening. I see instead a consistent move to charge a premium fee for the privilege of tethering. The reasons monty stated are of course the reason for this push. If customer insist on being able to tether, they will pay for it.
    Agree, its all about ways to make money and the more data that people want to transfer, the happier they are to charge for it. However, i think there is a game changer on the horizon. The FCC has opened up airwaves for 22mbps, "superwifi" that can cover maybe 2 miles in town and 50 miles outside town. If that happens, all this 2g,3g,4g and paying for data use will have to be cost/convenience competitive with free wifi. Many people will start using wifi & skype on "new handsets" that dont use the phone network. We will then more often use wifi on our phones for data transfer. Of course the phone companies will try to figure a way to block it or profit off it. ....imo.

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    The FCC really needs to address the lack of spectrum. It almost takes Divine intervention to get some new spectrum. Just look at the fiasco that Lightquared is currently embroiled in. Spectrum is a scarce resource and as data usage increases and supply doesn't, costs are going to go up. I think wireless providers would actually welcome more Wi-Fi coverage to help offload some of their traffic. Cellular data will still be necessary unless and until there is a rapid nationwide build out of a super Wi-Fi network which I suppose is possible in the long-term.



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