I've lurked this forum and felt comfortable dropping my expensive AT&T service for cricket.

I've activated my cricket phone on Monday at Best Buy. I had to return on Tuesday and wait over an hour as the experienced Best Buy rep ported my phone via cricket phone support.

Phone functions fine!

Here are a couple questions I have after two days of usage.

1. What happens when my 1000 mins. expire?
I have the basic $35/mo plan.
The mycricket link labeled 'What happens if I go over?
view related FAQs' does not work.

2. Can I upgrade the phone thru cricket?
The Huawei Pillar phone is cheap. I feel a baked glow within my brain after only a couple mins. usage. All I use the phone for is taking customer support calls.

3. Is there a wireless head set recommended to use?
I bought a wired head set at walmart, but it still feels 'hot' to my ears.