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    Roaming Discussion

    There have been some great ideas recommended on Cricket's Facebook concerning roaming and what could be done to give Cricket customer's better service no matter where their travels take them.

    Here's some dialouge:

    My Cricket Forum With this FCC article I read, it seems like the big boys will have to play semi nice with the smaller providers. Important to note that Cricket is ranked 6th currently in the US (as of latest data I could see).
    12 minutes ago Like

    Don Simpson I heard they need to allow carriers to roam on them at a reasonable rate. That's all I remember hearing. What exactly did you hear?
    10 minutes ago Like

    My Cricket Forum
    Yeah the same here. We'll see how far they can stretch the word reasonable. If Cricket could get reasonable roaming out of Verizon, that would fill up most of the holes in their network. I use to think Verizon had the best network, howev...See More
    6 minutes ago Like

    Don Simpson
    Yeah, we have access to many networks. Cricket, MetroPCS, Revol Wireless, Sprint, Verizon Wireless, and more.. I think 19 cents per minute is reasonable. I'd like if Cricket could include 100 minutes per month on the $55 Android plan, and o...See More
    4 minutes ago Like

    My Cricket Forum ‎100 minutes... That'd be awesome.
    about a minute ago Like

    Don Simpson Yeah, and then $5 for each additional bucket of 30 minutes, or something like that.

    Have anything else to add? Let us hear your opinions.
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    Currently, Cricket Wireless charges 25 cents per minute for roaming that is outside of Cricket's network, and all their partners, including Sprint, MetroPCS, Revol Wireless, etc. Basically, the 25 cent rate is for roaming on Verizon Wireless, and roaming in Canada, and Mexico.

    Cricket offers a bundle of 30 minutes for $5/month. That tells us that Cricket can afford to give us roaming at about 17 cents per minute. I think Cricket should give all customers on the Android rate plan ($55/month) 100 roaming minutes. Now, just because Cricket is giving customers the roaming minutes, doesn't mean the customers will use them. Some will, and some won't. For example, I'll probably use less than 5 roaming minutes a month. The reason why I want 100 to be included in my plan is for peace of mind. If for some reason I need to roam, I know I can. It will be another reason to stay with Cricket, and not switch to Virgin Mobile.

    Boost Mobile offers unlimited talk, text, and web, for $50/month. They even have an Android phone available. That is $5 less than Cricket. Now, I've always thought Cricket was overpriced by $5. I always thought they should lower their rate plan to $50/month, instead of $55. So, instead of lowering the rate plan, I think Cricket should include the 100 roaming minutes.

    If a customer needs to go over that 100 minutes, I think they should be charged at a rate of 15 cents per minute.

    For those on the $45 rate plan, I think 50 roaming minutes should be included. They should be charged a rate of 15 cents per minute if they go over.

    I think customers on the $35 plan should need to pay 25 cents per minute. If they want to get a better deal on roaming, they will need to upgrade. This will make the $45 plan more appealing.

    What do you think?

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    Does anyone else have any comments about roaming with Cricket Wireless? What do you think Cricket should do to improve their roaming options?



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