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    Samsung Exclaim Flashing To Cricket Help?

    I Need Help With Flashing My Samsung Exclaim From Sprint TO Cricket Can Anyone List The Steps Needed. Help Would Be Greatly Appriciated. I Got The Programs Juss Dont Knw What To Do.

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    You're probably going to need to find the drivers. Then you'll need the SPC once you get it connected up. Perhaps CDMA WS after sending the default Samsung password to get the SPC? Then use the QPST tutorial on here to program talk and text.

    These instructions came from HOFO which came from another site (for WAP aka data aka Internet):

    "Here is the WAP solution for the

    Instinct. Although there is another thread on the
    Metro PCS

    forum I figured I would post here for the cricket peeps. I can verify this method works as I have tried it on one of my Instincts . Credit goes to Midiology at Enjoy

    You will need Cricket PRL ,CDMA Workshop and QPST and the samsung modem drivers for this...
    Please search,, they are easy to find...

    Install Cdma workshop, and Qpst if you havent already...
    Now install the modem drivers for your instinct,,,

    Remove your
    memory card

    if you have one in the phone.. and plug your phone in to your

    after driver installation right click on mycomputer, go to properties,, go to device manager,,, look under com ports,, double click on samsung com port to bring its properties up and find out the com port number and remember it..

    now go into cdma workshop and select the comport that the phone is on,, click connect,, then once connected click QCDM for Qualcomm DM Mode,,, after a few seconds your phone info should pop up on the left side,,,

    go to security tab,, click read spc,, your six digit spc should pop up,,, click send spc,, it should say phone unlocked,,, now replace numbers with six zeros,, then click write spc,, once done then go to other tab,,
    under prl click write prl,, search for your cricket prl and pow it should say written..

    once done move on to the next steps...

    After Changing your spc to 000000
    and flashing the Cricket prl to the phone...
    do the esn change through cricket..
    perform *228 and get all things updated...

    after this go back to Qpst and read the phone..
    once you read the phone.. go to m.ip and change from mobile ip to simple ip only,,, and look at the first 2 user profiles under m.ip open each one up and change the Nai to,, for both standard and tethered...
    remove any ip address that you find in these 2 profiles. and remove any other profiles except the first 2.
    also make sure both of them say enabled...,,

    now go to ppp config...
    look at the tabs that say um and an... under these 2 tabs,, the user id should be tethered id should be the same,, password is cricket in lowercase on both tabs,, remove any dns ip address you find in either tab also. just make sure all ip address are blank.

    once you are completed with this,, move on to the next step..

    click on phone icon
    click on dialer..
    enter ##3282#
    click user name
    click edit
    enter your spc which should already be 000000 by now
    starting from the top here ya go...

    User Name ""
    SPI MN-HA "1234"
    SPI MN-AAA "1234"
    M Home Address ""
    Prim Ha Ip ""
    Sec Ha Ip ""
    Rev Tunneling "Off"
    AAA Password "cricket"
    HA Password "cricket"

    click done,, allow the phone to reboot...

    Now do ##3282# again.. this time go to browser
    click edit
    enter spc
    youll see gateway1 and gateway2,,, under both of these
    you will see primary and secondary,,, set primary and secondary ip`s for both gateways to,, they will all be the same ip address,, and set the Port and secure Port for all gatways to 8080,, hit done reboot and padow.. there you go...

    One thing I noticed on mine was that when I entered for the gateway address I kept getting a connection failed error. Apparently the address can change depending on your cricket market. To see what your address is you can go to command prompt and then nslookup. This will allow you to get the correct wap.

    ip address for your market.

    *Note* This method will work on phones that have already been provisioned through Sprint. If your phone has not been provisioned you can try the following method also courtesy of Midiology:

    Ok to all the folks that have a new phone or have hard reset the phone,, these settings will absolutely not get your browser past the provisioning state,, if your browser is trying to set up vision services and hangs,, it is because of this.. ill try to explain..

    You see I reset the phone when I got it.. like a moron.. and after resetting it I never could get the browser to come up again,, it kept trying to update my account...
    so here is what the deal is,, and how I think I got it back...

    your browser doesnt know if you have your ppp settings installed or not..
    it basically uses a policy,,

    when the phone is new,, or reset,, when you open the browser it opens up a hidden NAI application in the background to provision your Sprint vision account,,, once the vision is updated,, it writes to the browser policy telling it it is complete,, then the browser will boot on its own without checking your vision data service... but this will not work on cricket since it is not on sprints vision service...
    Sooooooooo... if this is your case... then following the steps Ive provided,,, start from the beginning,, but this time start clean,, go into qpst and clear all account info and ip address`s from M.IP and PPP config... then start from the very beginning and add it all back in,,,

    then when completed , go to phone,, do the ##brew# enter spc
    then youll see a bunch of little icons,, tap each one once while looking at the bottom of the screen,,, look until you see something that just says browser,, double click on this icon,, it may try to bring up your browser,, once you do this, back out and go back to brew and look for the icon that says sde_app there are a couple that say sde,, but use the one that says SDE_APP,, double tap on this it should bring up a list of like Start sde:addr start sde:mailto etc..
    click on start sde:http and then I think you click browse,, the browser may or may not come up when you click this,, but i did this and after exiting brew it no longer tried to verify account,, it just brought the browser up properly like it should,, I dont know if it was a coincidence or what but it got it back.. "

    Please check the forum and post there before PMing me. I have over 674 unread PMs due to the fact that they are issues which should have been addressed here.

    If you need to buy something from (Ebay), please use this LINK every time and support the forum!



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