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Thread: Samsung suede

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    Samsung suede

    So ive had a suede with the muve program for about 2-3months as my dealer line, i like it but realize it could be improved before they migrate the service to an android, i was wondering if anyone else had experience with it yet, and if so, post your thoughts on everything in general, especially improvements that you feel will help it out.

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    I've had my Suede since Feb. '11. I'm in the Phoenix market. I really enjoyed the music that is available on the service, and the phone has pretty decent quality for the price. It is a little annoying when having to enter in keystrokes when dealing with a non-voice recognition system; you know "press 0 for operator, or enter extension..."

    The sound quality of the playback is good, but I had to buy new ear buds since I've got narrow ear canals, and the ones that come with the phone are decent, but a little big.

    I know that you're not going to find some of the more obscure bands in the library available, but there's a whole lot of selection! The recommended tracks have been spot on, and the My DJ playlists are my favorite since I like variety, and they seem to change the track listings at a rate of about 5 per week, so in three weeks, it's a fairly fresh playlist. If you really like the track, you can download it, so when the playlist cycles through, you still have the songs you like saved on your phone, and get new tracks updated on your phone.

    the downers. Sometimes it will download either a partial song, or a completely blank track. It'll look like it's downloaded, but when you play it, it'll play only 10 seconds and then stop and move on, or it'll just skip the track all together. Sometimes it'll get a little buggy. For example, I'll be listening to a song, and want to check the time, so I press the lock key quickly, and instead of showing the time, the phone will power cycle.

    The camera is nice, but the video quality is definitely choppy. Also, when watching videos on it, when you press the full-screen button, it seems like the screen just takes the image and turns it so it appears in the widescreen mode, but the image seems the same size. maybe I'm doing something wrong, since the user guide was kind of sparse, and the built in help button doesn't go that deeply into what your new phone is capable of.

    overall, I'm happy that I got this phone, I'm constantly on it listening to new music, and I've thanked my wife often for such an awesome little Valentines gift.

    Keep on rockin',

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    i bought a used suede and had to go to an authorized dealer to get a sd card but when i try to make my own profile on shout box it wont let me i put my picture on it but it wont let me put my name so my friends can find me can anyone help me

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    samsung Chrono

    once a muve profile is attached to a suede it must be taken to a corporate dealer to get re-flashed if you want to put a new muve profile on it.



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