I have an Ascend that I didn't use for about 3 months while I enjoyed a luxurious stay in County Jail. Long story short, my service and # were cancled so now I have new service
, a new # and replaced the Ascend with a ZTE Score. Now w/the Ascend, I knew I couldn't make or receive any calls/texts but I noticed I was still able to connect to the internet but only through WiFi and I am aware of the tethering capabilities of both phones, BUT here's my question. When I tether w/the ZTE Score(which tethers fine) is it over 3g or WiFi and if Its over 3g then I understand Crickets ability to place limitations and data caps on their network but if its done over WiFi where im assuming Criicket would be unable to do so then wouldn't I technically be able to use the Ascend as a hot spot and tether with it seeing how the signal wouldn't be generated by Cricket. So here's my question simplified. I don't get actual phone service from Cricket with this Ascend but I do get wifi access and when I try to tether the phone PdaNet3.5 or any other tethering app doesnt see it. Am i missing something? Can I take that wifi signal I get on the Ascend and tether with it and if so how would I or is it impossible?

Its an Ascend1 running on CM7.2