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    Tri-Band phones? Tri-Band areas? I'm confused.

    Good day!

    I'm in the process of dropping Sprint and migrating over to Cricket PayGo, hopefully being able - eventually - to use my existing Sprint phones (Evo 4G). But for the time being all I really need is talk/text, ability to port my existing numbers, and a cell phone bill less than $140/month! I live in a small market (Waterloo, Iowa) that apparently does not use Cricket towers, as the only plan options I am given when I enter my zip code on Cricket's Shop Plans page are the PayGo $25/300 mins and $35/1000 mins talk/text and just 4 phone options, all tri-band phones.

    There are a number of inexpensive phones offered for sale on eBay that are already flashed - or could easily be flashed - to Cricket that I would prefer to use rather than the sparse offerings on Cricket's website. However, I have run into several instances of "A Tri-Band Phone is Required in some areas" and "If you live in a tri-band area, this phone will not work" in some eBay auctions. That's where the confusion sets in.

    Looking at Cricket's coverage map, I see striped areas in metro areas where a tri-band phone required, dark green Cricket Nationwide Talk & Text areas, and light green Partner Nationwide Talk & Text areas, where I am located. So, if I take my non tri-band Cricket phone from a light green area into a striped area, does it stop working? If I use a tri-band phone am I covered regardless of my location?

    What frequency capability should I be looking for when I am shopping for a CDMA phone to be used on Cricket that will work in all areas, striped or not? For example, my Evo 4G has capability for CDMA 850/1900 (obviously not tri-band). Will it not function in a striped tri-band only area?

    I'm sure there is a simple explanation that is sitting right in front of my face. What am I missing?


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    The simple explanation is as follows; It's not really a good solution to use flashed phones in your area, and you are not in a cricket "home market".. Your best bet is to use an actual Cricket phone.

    The good news is you can probably sell your Evo for enough money to finance the purchase of a decent paygo phone, and pay for the first month.

    Or you can always use Evo like you would use an iPod Touch (wifi, games / apps, media player)

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    I'm using an evo 3d in a triband area! Flashed a hybrid prl. Only have problems with my mms every once in a while.

    Sent from my 3VO

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    It is possible, but not recommended.



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