Hello all, I'm new to this site and new to having a smartphone (also, my first flashed phone). I've had Cricket for nearly 3 years. This is my first time having problems with my phone and network.

I bought a flashed Motorola XPRT from a Cricket carrier, they set everything up, told me it was good, and to use the messaging app they manually downloaded for MMS because the default didn't work. Well, the app never worked in the first place. I can receive SMS, but I can't send MMS and I receive a download prompt from others (that doesn't do anything). I've tried using other messaging apps, Go SMS in particular because it can override the default APN settings. I've tried different combinations of user agents, profiles, MMSC, proxy and such to no avail. Upon further inspection, I can't access or change the APN directly on my phone at all, because my phone can't connect to GSM (or says it doesn't because there is no SIM card).

Also, my internet has never been an acceptable speed. 3G rarely turns on, if and when it does it doesn't make a damn difference.

I am an amateur, afraid of tinkering too much with my phone and bricking it. I want this phone to work, I like it and after all the money I spent...*ahem* I don't want to sell it to some poor sap knowing it doesn't work properly, nor do I want it only good for throwing at people and anchoring paper in windy rooms.

1. Is there such thing as getting a 'bad flash'?

2. Should I trust the Cricket Carrier I got it from and see if they can fix it?

3. Can I fix it with help?

4. Or, should I sell it?

Thanks for any help or advice! I know this post is quite the eyefull

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