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    Mar 2011

    Upcoming network changes to affect flashed phones?

    Ok heres the deal. I do phone flashing/repairs on the side for a little extra cash. Have a symbiotic arrangement with an authorized dealer in the Spokane area. They aren't keen with flashing and technical aspects so they refer customers with those needs to me. In return, I send people for new activations and do all related business exclusively with them.

    They mentioned receiving an internal email regarding changes being deployed to the network that could have an effect on services for CPE custimers. Due to their limited technical ability, I called one of the premier dealers and asked them. He explained it as a change in the handset registration to where PRLs will be OTAd at certain regular intervals. As such, full flashes could have MMS and Web settings erased/modified on certain handsets.

    These changes were supposed to be implemented on 4/4, but have been pushed back 2+ weeks.

    Anyone who can validate or elaborate on this situation? I've heard the "sky is falling" schpiel before about plan/feature changes, but this seems to be a different scenario. Given the detailed lineup of new branded handsets that had been announced, and their affinity for not guaranteeing all features to work/any support for CPE units, the timing seems a little funny.

    Longtime lurker, figured it was time to come out of the shadows.

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    I don't know. I need to ask my dealer if he has heard of any of these changes.

    Cricket would be at a big loss if they turned their back on customers brining over equipment from other carriers such as Sprint and Verizon. With the economy so bad, people are looking to them to provide affordable service AND if they can keep their same high end phone, that's a big plus.

    Let's face the fact that Cricket still doesn't have anything stellar in their lineup. At best their phone is comparable to just about the worse Sprint or Cricket phone available. This is just speaking about the Android phones because that's what I deal with.

    I kind of have the same deal going on with a dealer in town.

    Seems like certain things have changed with MMS lately. Have you noticed anything?



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