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I wanted to post this because I know that a lot of us complain about Cricket Wireless' customer service. It's not cheap to have customer service and you can see that here in this article. Verizon is a major carrier and still has to shut down call centers because of money. It's going to have to take time for Cricket to get a decent call center because of money.


Verizon Wireless announced that they are closing doors on 3 customer service centers (Bellevue,WA; Southfield, MI; Houston,TX), a move that affects around 3,100 jobs. When moves like this happen, one immediately jumps to wondering how much money is involved, but a spokesperson for Big Red did not comment on that subject. What they would offer is details on the 3 options that current employees of these affected call centers have: accept jobs in neighboring locations, take $10K to relocate, or a severance package.
Itís not always about 4G LTE and high-end phones, is it?