The FCC regulates AT&T, Cricket and Leap Wireless, and specifically has the power to regulate and remedy unfair and deceptive acts and practices. The FCC has the power to prevent AT&T from making our Cricket phone's valueless. The FCC accepts complaints on-line at:
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The FCC needs to hear from all of us, and there are several things we should demand, such as monetary compensation for our phones or comparable free replacement phones if we choose to continue with Cricket under AT&T.

The narrative portion of my complaint reads as follows:

"I am writing for myself and all customers of Cricket Wireless. As you know, Cricket was recently acquired by AT&T. AT&T has indicated that it will be terminating the Cricket CDMA network and continue Cricket service in some fashion on AT&T GSM network. My complaint is that I have two Cricket phones that are not going to work on AT&T's network, and I feel that AT&T is wrongfully appropriating the value of my phones. I know I do not have a long term contract with Cricket, but I certainly purchased my phones with the justifiable expectation of them continuing to have value as useful devices on the Cricket network for their expected life time. I feel as though Cricket, Leap Wireless, and AT&T are engaging in unfair practices and cheating me. I want to be reimbursed for the value of my phones, and if I choose to stay with Cricket operated by AT&T, I want them to provide me with comparable phone free to charge."