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    Angry Where to direct complaints regarding customer service?

    This summer I went through the most horrific customer service experience of my life trying to get a warranty claim processed through Cricket. Eventually I managed to get the matter resolved only by dealing directly with the manufacturer (ZTE), but I can't let this go without venting, preferably to someone high enough up the food chain to actually do something about this. I've written a fairly lengthy letter detailing my experience and would like to know to whom I can send this who might actually give half a crap about what a disgruntled Cricket customer thinks. Please advise.

    - Robert -

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    Unfortunately there is really nothing you can do. You can write letters and call to speak to a higher-up, but I'd presume they'd just handle it like any other company would - by saying they're sorry and that they'll "never do it again." Unfortunately most of Cricket's customer service people are in call centers on the other side of the globe, so nothing can be done. It's the same with almost any corporation though, there's no one to talk to and no one who will be willing to take action on your concerns. It's always "we'll look into it" and "thanks for the feedback."

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    Suggestions Randall L. Stephenson, chairman and chief executive officer of AT&T and AT&T Board of Directors c/o
    Stacey S. Maris
    Senior Vice President and Secretary
    208 S. Akard St.
    Dallas, TX 75202

    Yeah I know it is snail mail, but Cricket appears completely screwed up in terms of computer systems and/or training and this means their customer service people can't do the job.

    Today it took an hour for their customer service to find out that I can't send an email to someone's message capability on their phone. I don't know which is more outrageous the lack of capability or the fact I took an hour for customer service to find the answer.

    Yesterday I spent about 2 hours on phone trying to get 1 of my phone lines moved into the group of the other 4 lines I have. I now have a tech team ticket for it. I did get a $10.00 credit. lol! This is on top of the disconnected call, which I kind of thought they would call me back from. The CSR had all my information, he put me on hold for a couple minutes then the line dropped.

    The day before I spent almost 3 hours having 4 lines ported to Cricket at a corporate store, even though I had bills, Pin numbers, social security numbers, exact addresses. I had at least one bad credit card charge go through. At least part of their problem is their computer systems.

    I was somewhat in disbelief of the story of the lady next to me having her phone number changed by Cricket. No longer, That thought now terrifies me.

    .... rolls down hill and if the people at the top at AT&T understand how bad things are, they will make things happen.

    Letters to editors, blogs, financial and telecommunications writers all might help.

    Jennifer Van Buskirk is President, the new Cricket Wireless, maybe reach out to her on LinkedIn. Put her on the list of people on the letter suggested in the first Paragraph.

    Find emails for these people and post.



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