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    Maybe ,I'm the first to hear this, androidforums has a article, on cricket's future. If I read correctly, cricket, and leap are to be sold to at&t, for over a billion.

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    1.2 Billion according to
    AT&T to acquire Leap Wireless - Jul. 12, 2013

    still I think it might be good for Cricket. Get better phones at faster rate. But I could be wrong everyone seems to be talking down about the deal. So I guess we will see what happens in the future.

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    Thumbs up i Rate Cricket 4 Starts!

    i will say [ Cricket ] is ok for people that what Unlimited - Talk/Text/Web/MMS " Bring Your Own Phone " for its great price!
    one of the best services out there that just works.... but yes the custoemr service is like " Ello.. Speak up i cant hear you or why it take you 25 min to answer or why it take me 45 min to cancel a line...... i told you i did not want to say let me go already " then you have the sad phones, then you have the sad fees of $3 payment fee and the admin fee $1, but yet customers like to pay it so the price with Cricket is not really that bad its just the phones from what i see, if it was the price then why are they staying..... its the phones, they want High Tech ones like Verizon & AT&T!

    i used to have a iPony 5 from Cricket, but i love it,! i cant wait to get a iPonY 5s

    Please Don't #BASH the Pony if you hate my post!

    My Cricket Approval is 4 out of 5

    1 * 4 Great Service
    1 * 4 Great True Unlimited
    1 * 4 Great Prices....
    1 * 4 Bring Your Own Phone
    Last edited by Twilight_Sparkle; 09-28-2013 at 02:12 PM. Reason: LOVE IT! i give it 4 Stars!

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    Talking Cricket YAY!

    I've been on cellphones since 2001. Mostly off-contract. My first was a Nokia (the big one with the stubby antenna) on Tracfone. I learned to hate all those refill cards. Having to program them into the phone was a royal pain. I've only been on-contract once with Cingular, later bought out by ATT. My service with them was terminated by them due to a financial situation. Afterwards I ended up back on those blankety blank cards again but this time with ATT GoPhone. I ended up hating the phone so I put its sim in the phone I was using on contract (HTC Wizard). Before I got the GoPhone I had heard about Cricket from my coworkers but there was no service in my area west of Houston + I couldn't afford the devices. I was sooo tired of those refill cards that I eventually made the switch to Cricket (yay...covered my area west of Houston) w/ LG Optimus C. Transferring my number from ATT to Cricket tho was a royal pain. ATT was horrible..refused to give me the account number until I told them exactly why I was switching in full detail. I loved Cricket's service but I hated that Optimus phone...kept rebooting all the time eventho I never rooted it. I upgraded to the ZTE Engage...good phone but after a year it quit on me. Then Cricket started offering the Galaxy S4 Yay! I was saddened about the merger b/c I knew I would have to get a new phone eventho I loved my S4. I'm at a point now where I couldn't afford the S4 or S5, even with financing. I got the Nokia Lumia 1320 instead. I absolutely love it! At first I wasn't so sure b/c of the huge screen. The new service is really great dropped calls, perfect call clarity, LTE no matter where I am. My 1320 right now is rocking Win Phone 8.1 Dev Preview....GREAT! Cortana totally rules. Far better than S Voice on the S4. I also like being able to see the wallpaper thru the live tiles.
    I still have my is now my alarm clock, kitchen timer, universal remote (take that harmony remote died), and whatever else is needed. Main reason I kept it is so dad can hook it up to his car to play music after he gets it restored. why Cricket? contracts, unlimited service ...and in 2010 that unlimited service came in real handy when I was in a wreck on the back roads on my way to work. I spent over an hour on the phone with the insurance company and tow truck driver combined. On the refill cards...I would have been out of time before help arrived. After that experience I decided to stick with Cricket no matter more Tracfone style service with those refill cards.


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