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    Thumbs up How to unbrick your bricked droid x2!!!!

    Today in Diaries of a broke black man....(j/p)

    Last night i accidently BRICKED my Droid X2 the internal SD card got formatted, when it restarted the phone says Failed to Boot 1
    IT WONT GO INTO RSD or FASTBOOT MODES, so what can you do?

    Plug the phone up with your USB cord, its already in rsd mode by default, BIG UPS TO MOTOTOLA FOR THIS PHONE SAVING FEATURE!
    Just download the SBF for your MB870 aka DROID X2 and MAKE SURE you have RSD LITE version 5.3.1 as the others DO NOT WORK ON THIS PHONE!

    SBF IT UP and your phone is good as new EXCEPT for one thing, the Home button seems to function as the back button and the back button as the home button.... DONT ASK ME im just glad my phone works again!

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    NICE!.. here is some info to "fix" that little "issue" with your buttons
    Home and back button messed up - xda-developers



    "actually the fix is super easy,just use a file explorer,I use root explorer and go into /system/usr/keylayout/tegra-kbc.kl open it with text editor and just switch the two numbers next to home and back,super easy fix

    Sent from my DROID X2"

    there ya go! (notes in post that there is still an underlying issue... but hey, it works)

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