Hi Woof,
I saw your post regarding android massaging software for enabling picture massaging on flashed phones. Is it possible for me to get that software solution? Please let me know. Thanks

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It's you who is misinformed.

Obviously everyone here is not familiar with every method of flashing.

Apn's dont work on every phone. Hell no solution works on every phone. The Android Messaging app solution is related to a particular flashing software and works quite well in most cases.
Some places don't wish to hire someone to manually flash phones or take hours to do a flash. This method is one solution to that problem.I flash phones everyday using this method/app combo with great success.

You dont have to use the app to do your actual messaging btw, you can use handset or go or chomp. It just has to be on your phone.

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Just wondering, are either of you running a business? Or do you just flash your phones and play with them cause it's fun?

Because the guy running the business (me) is going to look for the fastest, most cost effective way to turn around a flash so he can make as much profit on the transaction as possible. Plus he wants the most reliable solution he can find, so he' not touching the phone again and again. And that is not hiring some guy "who flashes phones" to sit in my backroom and work on phones all day. Just remember there is more than one way to skin a cat, and your way may not be the way that works for everyone.

And I have an evo 3d that has refused ANY method of working mms found on these boards with one exception. mraabhimself has a modified mms app that finally gave me mms. But I think I should just delete it right, cause it's lazy?