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    How Would You Change Your HTC EVO 3D?


    How would you change HTC's EVO 3D?By
    Darren Murph

    posted Oct 9th 2011 10:49PM


    A 3D phone? Who woulda thunk it?

    would have, and the
    EVO 3D

    is the product of its labor. The jury's still out on whether 3D will end up being more than just some over-marketed, over-sensationalized fad, but judging by the sales of this thing on Sprint's network, someone is into the concept. We saw it as one of Sprint's stronger Android offerings, but the lackluster battery life and par-for-the-course display were quirks that we couldn't quite overlook. For those who bit, what are your main annoyances? Would you change the design at all? Toss in a different panel? Would you tweak anything about the Sense implementation? Is the 3D camera serving you well? Let us know in comments below!

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    htc evo 4g

    I would just have expected a higher resolution cameras since the evo 4g has an 8mp camera and "upgrading" to evo 3d you downgrade your camera resolution when you can as well take 3d pictures using evo 4g doesn't make sense to me.



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