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    Negalite-BluRom Multi-Carrier (Cricket - Virgin Mobile - Sprint) rom release

    I meant to do this awhile ago but realized I Hadnt. I would like to share with you Negalites "NegaLite-BluRom" with cricket carrier as an option using the aroma installer.
    This is the rom that im using as a base to make a cricket only version which is still in the works.
    ***There are somethings that need to be mentioned and a couple of things to be configured and those things are what I hope to eventually resolve in the release of a modded version of this rom*** this an HTC shooter cdma ICS 2.95 release

    1)The settings are for the cricket $45 plan (the wap setting for mms) **So people with the Android plan, you need to go and edit the mms settings to get mms.
    A)go to messages/settings/multimedia message-mms/connection settings/ and MMS Proxy:remove and leave blank -and- MMS Port:remove and leave blank / thats all you have to do.Then just back out.
    @while your there you can change where it says NAME and put whatever you like.

    2)The RTSP/HTTP issue with the youtube not playing is still present in the EPST settings; I'll post the steps to fix it incase someone is not familiar with it.
    A)go to the dialer and dial ##3282# / select edit and enter your MSL code/ click on Advanced tab and scroll down and click on RTSP/HTTP Settings;
    You will change what is listed there to/
    RTSP proxy IP =
    RTSP proxy port = 0
    HTTP proxy ip =
    HTTP proxy port = 0
    this will make the youtube work.

    3)If you want to change the Lock screen carrier name (which it will say Virgin Mobile) and the pull down screen ( i dont know what its technically called) you can do this in "LeeDroid tweaks"

    Those are the things that I am working on in a cricket branded release of this rom. I plan on removing the VM and Sprint carrier option and having only cricket as a carrier BUT there will be 2 choices when you install the rom Cricket $45 plan or Cricket Android plan so that way there wont be a need to edit MMS period. Just select the plan your on and thats it.
    I plan on leaving everything else just the way that it is as far as apps and system tweaks go in this rom. Negamann has done an awsome job with his Negalite-blurom and was kind enough to add cricket as a carrier option in his rom. this is a great rom and everything works, So enjoy.
    **To make clear this is NOT my Custom Rom** All credit goes to Negamann303- If you have some issues please just post here and not at Negalite forum.
    **OK the disclaimer(i borrowed this cause i thought it kewl)
    Negaman or me is not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * spontaneous combustion, or any other host of cosmic penalties
    * which may befall you, your family, or your phone that may occur from flashing this rom.**
    @If you want to see the changelog and screenshots you can go here to see those things /
    [ROM] NegaLite-BluRom | 2.95.651.5 | Sprint/VM | Sense/Apex/Nova | Aroma | 04/24/2013 - xda-developers

    LINK to rom:

    Last edited by bunvilla; 05-28-2013 at 09:21 AM.

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    Thanks for sharing. I used Negamans blue ROM when I had my 3D very nice ROM

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    i just installed last night. I did not see any cricket support in the aroma installer. I chose the vm install and followed your instrictions (kinda) i did add the apn and it stuck. but I do have working mms... thanks for pointing this out!!



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