So im new to this whole flashing thing. i have recently decided i wanted to go with crickets 55 dollar plan but use my htc evo 3d i got from sprint. i have several questions regarding this whole process.

1. do i need a cricket account and number before flashing or can i flash the phone first and then get an account.

2. If i were to start the flashing process can i just take my phone into my local cricket store and have them take care of the rest?

Any help would be appreciated. i have read over and started watching the tutorial in the forum but i was confused on if i needed an account first mainly. if i do need to get a plan with cricket first how do i do so without buying a phone to go with it? Like i need the cricket number and stuff to flash the phone over but wouldnt it be weird to start a plan with them and not have purchase a phone to go with it or is it normal to do this?