**I Take NO CREDIT FOR THIS..NOT EVEN A BIT** After countless hours of searching i came across this...but I have no part in it one bit!

Step 1 - Unlock using HTC unlock method:

Go to
Welcome to HTCdev

and sign up as a user. Then goto Unlock Bootloader->Get Started->Begin Unlock Bootloader. Follow directions to unlock your phone.

Step 2 - Download this:

Download HTCEvo3D/rooting/rootevo3dnew.zip at DownloadAndroidROM.com

Look for the (click here to download) and extract it to your C drive. You will then have a folder on your C drive like: C:/rootevo3dnew

Step 3 - Download and flash new Rom:

Grab the latest version of CleanRom here
HTC Evo 3D - Downloads - Scott's ROMS

Place Rom on the root of your phones SD card (just plug your phone into your PC as "disk drive" and drag the file to your phone). Then disconnect your phone from your PC.

Then on your phone:

1. Go to settings>power and make sure fast boot is NOT checked.

2. Power off your phone

3. Boot into the bootloader by holding the (Volume Down) button and press the (Power Button)

4. Once your into the bootloader, highlight fastboot and hit the pwr button.

5. Connect you phone to your pc via usb cable and your phone should now say Fastboot USB.

6. Open the command prompt on your PC (press START and type cmd) In the command window, type: \cd\rootevo3dnew to get to C:\rootevo3dnew).

7. Type the following command in the command prompt: fastboot boot cwm- and press enter.

8. Your phone should have now booted into Recovery. From here you can wipe cache/flash zips as you normally would and enjoy the added benefits of flashing custom kernels.

9. On your phone choose (install from sd card) then locate the Rom on the card and flash it!

This is MUCH easier than it seems. I do realize the 3 steps were actually many steps in three groups but take them one at a time and its easy.

All of this information was stolen from other pages. I did not figure any of this out. This is only an attempt to get all of the info in one place here.

You WILL always have to do step 3 to install updates or re-flash your phone but once you look at it, you will see it's only a few steps. I put the step 3 instructions into the C:\rootevo3dnew folder on my PC so I can open them and read what to type each time I update my Rom.

This will most likely reset your phone so you will need to re-install all your apps and games and you will lose your text messages. It's worth the work, just be ready for it.