Hi, I'm talking to Cricket to upgrade my Paygo $35 plan to the Android plan. The lady told me that I needed the $45 plan. I told her it was for an Android phone, and she was firm that I needed the $45 plan. I took it.

She did a read-back on the $45 plan, and it had everything that I understood from here that it had.

Am I on the right track here? I have a flashed evo 3d (haven't moved the phone over yet). Do I need to do the $45 plan mod, or is her word that the $45 plan was the right plan good enough?

On a side note, after I flashed (phone still on Sprint from previous owner), I got the internet, but MMS failed. Could that be because it was still on Sprint, or is there a problem with the MMS in the flash? I had some confusion over the apn, the two I found on tutorials were different. I tried both, though, with errors (could not send, placed in outgoing box) on each.

Thanks for the help, and for the forum.