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    Simple question regarding Sprint activation

    Hi, I bought an NS4G from a friend that was flashed to Cricket. I also have an EVO activated on Sprint and an old Rumor 2 for Sprint, ( My last phone ).

    The NS4G has a bad esn on Sprint so I took the ESN from the Rumor 2 over to the phone using DFS/CDMAWorksop2.7/QPST. I also brought over a Sprint .prl and Sprint nv items. All so I could activate the NS4G over my EVO.

    If I go to activate online, it reads the ESN of the Rumor 2 (Which will remain battery-less for as long as the NS4G will be activated). I plan on going to a Sprint store this week, if I bring in this NS4G, will they deny me or even call the police on me? I can't get the NS4G bad esn to write to the Rumor 2, so I just plan to keep it powered off.

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    ESN Cloning is Strictly Prohibited.

    Mods Close Thread
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    Savoca, consider this a warning. ESN cloning is against the law and discussion of such will not be permitted here. Next post in this vein will result in a permanent ban.

    If the admin chooses to ignore this warning and just ban you, too bad for you.
    ** Don't PM if you need something. I will NOT respond**
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